"You white men are lost. You don't understand the land. Too many silly questions.
Your presence on this earth will come to an end.
You have no sense. No purpose. No direction."

Where The Green Ants Dream (1984, Werner Herzog), Quote: Miliritbi (played by Wandjuk Marika)

Associating is a strange phenomenon. Sometimes a line from a song or poem comes straight into my mind when I see a photo I've made.
When my wife saw this photo yesterday, that I had made half an hour before, the first thing she said was: 'Where The Green Ants Dream'.

Images of that movie immediately came to my mind, and although this photo has no direct relationship to it, the title stuck in my head for this photo.

It fits perfectly for me...

Where The Green Ants Dream - Abstract realistic fine art photography by Jacob Berghoef

'Where The Green Ants Dream' is a new photo in the collection 'Secret Places'.

Prints available in the collection 'Secret Places' ( my Abstract realistic forestscape photography collection at Saatchi Art)