Seeing where the sun
dives into the blue water -
An island is born.

A small island of reeds and grass in a wintery cold Baltic Sea, at the south west coast of Sweden. Suddenly the sun shines from between the clouds and hits the island, lighting it up in a special way.

'An Island' is an artwork in my collection 'Infinite Sea'.

I made it on a walk on a bright sunny day in early spring in nature reserve Lövö, a peninsula on the Baltic coast in the Kalmar region, Sweden.

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An Island - A small island of reed and grass in a wintery cold Baltic Sea, coast of Sweden - Abstract realistic fine art seascape photography by Jacob Berghoef
An Island

General info on this artwork

'An Island' comes in a Limited Edition of 4 per size group, signed and with a certificate of authenticity. But of course, it is also available as Open Edition print, without signature and not numbered. Prices starting at €50 / US$55.

Prints are available in my Saatchi Art portfolio at the artwork page or contact me for a quote.

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