April 21, 20242 Comments

What drives me, what moves me

I belong to a generation that gets to live a relatively carefree, luxurious life. That has been given to me, and for a long time I did not sufficiently appreciate it, in fact I even abused it by selfishly getting everything I could out of it...

And when you become aware of that, you just have to change your life, right?

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April 16, 20244 Comments

New Or Used Stuff

To buy new or used can be a dilemma. We stopped buying new stuff. Well, almost. Some things are not or hardly available second hand, or are second hand so much less sustainable (in terms of environmental impact in production or in use) that you don't want them in your home.

Did you know that there is almost no product in your possession that incorporates the true costs?

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April 14, 20242 Comments

New pages to Food Forest Garden

I added three new pages to Food Forest Garden: What We Eat, What We Grow and Where We Grow It.

On the first page, I'll give you an overview of what we eat. Then I'll tell you what's in the garden, and finally where it is and the overall layout.

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April 10, 20246 Comments

Food forest garden (2)

A few days ago I told you in a post about our work in our food forest garden.

There were so many positive comments, and so many requests to post regular updates, that I decided to dedicate a special page on my website to it.

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April 8, 20242 Comments

Food (3): Processing Of Food

Our food supply is the largest contributor of greenhouse gases in percentage terms of all sectors. Industrial farming ruins the soil and poisons water and air. And a shocking 30% of what is produced, is wasted...

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April 7, 20248 Comments

Food forest garden

Now that the weather is getting warmer, we are continuing to 'build' our food forest garden. This weekend we planted several fruit and nut trees, together with a lot of herbs and a few more berry bushes...

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April 4, 20242 Comments

Food (2): Tips and considerations

Our food supply is the largest contributor of greenhouse gases in percentage terms of all sectors. Moreover, the industrial approach to producing our food exhausts the soil. To compensate that, huge amounts of fertilizers are added. In turn, this causes destruction of eco systems and poisons land and water. Same for the herbicides and pesticides...

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April 1, 20248 Comments

Food (1): Introduction

Our food supply is the largest contributor of greenhouse gases in percentage terms of all sectors. Moreover, the industrial approach to producing our food depletes the soil. And that is compensated by using huge amounts of fertilizers. In turn, this...

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March 31, 20244 Comments

Why reduce your ecological footprint

Why reduce your ecological footprint. Each of us can list some of the benefits of reducing your ecological footprint. Here's a list of what motivates me. And what motivates you?

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March 29, 20242 Comments

Organic Change

Suppose an oak tree longs to become a birch. Then that is possible only if a single, individual oak cell is able and willing to become a birch cell. Then, after that change is accepted and then copied by the surrounding cells, eventually the whole tree will change. That's what I call organic change.

Suppose a government of a country....

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March 27, 20242 Comments


Regeneration ?

Sustainable, Green Growth, Circular economy, Degrowth, System Change ... And now the latest: Regeneration.

Are these just buzzwords, container terms...

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March 22, 2024No Comments

Regenerative Agriculture

Regenerative agriculture is an important topic in the conversation about the future of our food supply in a world where the that supply gets more and more disrupted.
And it is hot, because it is a much cleaner and healthier way of growing our food than the industrial agriculture we now rely on...

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March 20, 2024No Comments

Man’s Impact On The Earth

In my System Change post, I explained man's impact on earth and raised a number of questions. The most important: Do you know what your ecological footprint is?

No one answered that question in a comment. No, I'm not disappointed, because I actually didn't expect it either. And the question was also not asked very directly and not very prominently in the beginning of the (long) post. Still, ....

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March 18, 2024No Comments

System Change

System Change, we need Systemic Change !

This is what you read and hear more and more often. In comments, articles and discussions about the state of the Earth's health, about the alarmingly rapid change in our climate.
And that alongside, of course, the call for Degrowth....

What is meant by this system change?

Insofar as you can and may explain a very complex system in a few simple phrases: ...

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