A fellow artist told me about her way of working in an introductory conversation via the LinkedIn messenger. I wrote "if you have any ideas for collaboration sometime, let's hear it". And I totally meant that, because I love working with other artists.

That she would answer within two seconds "Oh, I already do !", I did not quite expect...

Tress.c (Visual Narrative Art) is a special artist. Using her own photography with edits in multiple layers, she creates artworks that tell a story. A visual story about the life of her daughter, who lives with "invisible" disabilities in the form of complex neurological disorders.

And now, as a beginning of our collaboration, she has created two artworks, using one of my photographs. The result is a powerful diptych representing the healing power of nature for her daughter. The power that calms her body, mind and spirit.
Tress.c has chosen to create this diptych to show her daughter's innocence, her strength and that inner battle that shines brightly in her eyes. To show how she is fighting for her own life.

Here is the first artwork: Crying Pines. "Crying Pines", is full of light and calm, to show the victories, the peace in her daughter's heart and where she is facing the viewers, challenging them to look at her as a whole, not as a handicap.

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Tress.c - Crying Pines
Tress.c - Crying Pines

Also visit Tress.c's website to see her portfolio (Instagram).

Limited edition artworks and Open edition prints available at Saatchi Art or send me a message.

© Tress.c and Jacob Berghoef