The sun passes through a crystal sphere
A rainbow escapes into darkness

In front of a small window in the west facade of our house, hangs a beautifully cut crystal ball of about 5 centimeters (2 inches) in diameter.
And every sunny evening when the sun is low above the horizon and its rays pierce the sphere, a fascinating spectacle unfolds in our room. Dozens of tiny, elongated rainbows decorate the floor and walls as they slowly float along with the sun until it sets.
I'm in love with this play of colors and I can't get enough of looking at the rainbow patches up close.
And now I'm happy to let you enjoy them with me !

Escape Into Darkness - Abstract expressionistic experimental photography by Jacob Berghoef - A rainbow of light
Escape Into Darkness

Available as Limited Edition artwork and as open edition prints, prices starting at € 50 / US$ 60, ask for a quote or contact me for a price.

Through my artworks I ask you to reflect for a moment on the nature around you, on the beautiful feeling that nature can evoke, on what we lose when we continue on the road of 'never enough'.