A few days ago I told you in a post about our work in our food forest garden.

There were so many positive comments, and so many requests to post regular updates, that I decided to dedicate a special page on my website to it.

I warmly invite you to take a look, and if you want to stay up to date with the latest news, sign up on the news page for a news update by email.

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Jacob plants an apple tree in their food forest garden in Middle Jutland, Denmark
Jacob plants an apple tree in the food forest garden.
Flower buds in a black currant bush
Did you know that you can make a delicious tea from the leaves of the rhododendron?

Photo 1: I plant an apple tree. The second specimen of Malus domestica 'Red Belle De Boskoop', our favorite apple !

Photo 2: Flower buds in the black currant. Did you know... that you can multiply a black currant and a gooseberry simply by cutting a few branches in the fall, about 30-40 centimeters (12-16") long, sticking them in the ground at the desired spot… And in spring they sprout! Let them grow for a year, and in the second year you already can harvest the first few berries….

Photo 3: Did you know... that you can make a delicious tea from the leaves of the rhododendron? A delicious tea, for which you can use either the fresh or the dried leaves.
And let's be clear: every leaf from which you can make a delicious tea is also edible as a vegetable. More on that soon !


Through my artworks I ask you to reflect for a moment on the nature around you, on the beautiful feeling that nature can evoke, on your actions to support the wellbeing of the earth and everything that lives on it, on what humanity loses when many of us continue on the destructive path of ever more greed and consuming, on how you can survive in this rapidly changing world…

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