All day in the spring rain
Wandering between the trees
Birds sing a green song

Do you know the sound of green? Listen to the birds in the trees after the rain.
Do you know the scent of green? Take a stroll through a wet spring forest.

Two weeks ago we spent a few days on the beautiful island of Langeland. On a rainy day we went to the northern half of the island. Right after a huge downpour, we walked into a dense forest that looked so fairytale-like, sensual and intensely green, it didn't seem real. Everything was green, the color, the scent, the sounds….

'Green Song' is a new artwork in my collection 'Secret Places'.
I made this photo in the beautiful old forest near the town of Tranekær on the island of Langeland, Denmark.

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Green Song - Impressionistic fine art forestscape photography
Green Song

Prints are available in my Saatchi Art portfolio at the artwork page, ask for a quote or contact me through a message.

Through my artworks I ask you to reflect for a moment on the nature around you, on the beautiful feeling that nature can evoke, on what we lose when we continue on the road of 'never enough'.