All day in the spring rain
Wandering between the trees
Birds sing a green song

Do you know the sound of green? No? Then listen to the birds in the trees after the rain.
And do you know the scent of green? Take a stroll through a wet spring forest, and you will never forget this wonderful scent.

Some time ago we spent a few days on the beautiful island of Langeland. On a rainy day we went to the northern half of the island. And right after a huge downpour, we walked into a dense forest that looked so fairytale-like, sensual and intensely green... It didn't seem real. Everything was green, the color, the scent, the sounds….

'Green Song' is an artwork in my collection 'Secret Places'.
I made it in a beautiful old forest near the town of Tranekær on the island of Langeland, Denmark.

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Green Song - Impressionistic fine art forestscape photography
Green Song

General info on this artwork

The work comes in a Limited Edition of 4 per size group, signed and with a certificate of authenticity. But of course, it is also available as Open Edition print, without signature and not numbered.

Prints are available in my Saatchi Art portfolio at the artwork page, ask for a quote or contact me through a message.


Through my artworks I ask you to reflect for a moment on the nature around you, on the beautiful feeling that nature can evoke, on your actions to support the wellbeing of the earth and everything that lives on it, on what humanity loses when many of us continue on the destructive path of ever more greed and consuming, on how you can survive in this rapidly changing world…

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