Collaboration & inspration

Collaboration & inspration

I love to inspire and to be inspired. I love to create in collaboration with other artists.

So are you a visual artist, a musician, a writer, a poet, a performer... in other words, someone who creates some form of art ? And are you looking for some form of collaboration or inspiration ?

And do you like my work, find inspiration in it, or can you give me inspiration through your work ?

Or are you looking for a visual artwork that you can use for your website, a book or music album? An artwork that visualises what your product is about?

Then I would love to hear from you. Please visit the contact page and let me know your project or thoughts !

Below a link to some projects together with other artists.



I regularly do projects together with artists I met on LinkedIn.
Take a look at the articles I made about various collaborations.


Links to collaborations with the writer and poet Kari Trenten

Sources of Inspiration And Collaboration

Sail Away

Shadowy Sunset

Lonely Morning

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