Projects & commissions

Projects & commissions

Below a short overview of projects I did or particpated in, and commissioned work.

Send me a message through the Contact page if you want more information about commissions or if you have a project you want to discuss.

Commissioned work: IJsselkade Zutphen (NL)

Commissioned by a Dutch art lover, I made a small series of photos of the characteristic facades of the houses on the IJsselkade and of the equally characteristic skyline of that part of the city of Zutphen in the Netherlands.
The Hanseatic* city of Zutphen is located on the IJssel river. I made the photo from the other side, standing in the floodplains of this beautiful river.

February 2020

Cover for a poetry collection

My photo ‘Echo of freedom’ is selected by the Dutch poet and writer Niels Zwakhals as the cover for his new poetry collection Zij die werkelijk (published November 2018).

Contribution to a photography book

My photo ‘Escaping the shadows’ is selected by the American artist/photographer, author and professor of photography Henry Horenstein <Wikipedia> for his new book Make better pictures (published November 2018).

The Four Faces of Dementia

What do you see when you look at the face of your loved one who suffers from a form of dementia? What does your partner, parent or friend see when looking at the world from her or his dementia?


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