What followers on social media and customers said about my work...

" In a world that seeks the ultimate crispness and focus, you are seeking the sense of light. That seems to me to be "photography" set on its head and the view from there is quite stunning. "
Stephen Carpenter, United States of America

" As an Inspirational Writer, I can tell you that your words are soul-reaching; and your photos stretch one's imagination to its outer limits.
In every work of your Art, your talent shines through with incredible clarity. "
RosaLinda Buchner Graziano, United States of America

" The artist Jacob Berghoef, obtains a careful stillness through this photography and is able to completely silence the external and internal noise that causes us more and more anxiety. "
Silvina S., Spain

" Your art caught my eye: it is a wonderful merge of
realism and spirituality. "
Chris Ngo, United States of America

" I love the division of space in Jacob Berghoef's photographs that were inspired while he traveled in Italy.  The light and softened architecture gives the viewer a place to dream, to pause, to imagine.  The light within each work feels to me as if it is sent from a place of quintessential experience:  a place where we have all traveled at some point in our lives.  Each person will view these art works differently, so my own experience is that I see Angels, feathers and a little bit of heaven in each of his art works! "
Laara WilliamSen, Canada

" There is something valuable in your photos, I think. They sincerely speak to the audience and their words are simply about the delicacy of fantasy, the power of imagination and the excellence of art. "
Mahnaz Mohafez, Iran

" That's what draws me to Jacob's photography.
They evoke dream and memory. "
Linda Middleton, United States of America

" I have followed Jacob's work for a while. He is a consummate photographer in the deepest sense. He embraces the fleeting light and motion where other photographers try to erase that moment seeking to freeze the scene in time. What results, to my eyes and sensibilities, is the essence of our world around us- always moving into the next instant.
One senses a large force at work and that would be true. "
Stephen Carpenter, United States of America

" ...your photos are coloured with a palette of powerful emotions, similar to those of a painter who knows how to observe nature, not to imitate it, but to stylize it, and in this way touch the heart and mind of the viewer. "
Christophe, France

" You have an eye that captures all that is beyond and yet there... fantastic work... each photo... what a gift..!! "
Joshua, USA

" You have this amazing gift to turn everything into a fairy tale! "
Marìna Syntelis, Greece

" You catch the deep and serene essence of nature. "
Oscar Robles, Spain

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