Niloofar Mahafel representation – Niloofar Mahafel was born in 1998 in Iran. Painting interested her since she was a young child. So she painted a lot and worked on all the techniques, including crayons, gouache, oil paints, pastels, watercolours and mixed media. Already at the age of 9 she held a solo exhibition. Niloofar followed many classes to improve her technique and creativity, and never stopped experimenting with materials. She participated in a group exhibition at Milad Tower in Tehran on the age of 22, with one of her paintings.

Niloofar Mahafel standing next to her painting Golden
Niloofar Mahafel standing next to her painting Golden

Niloofar always worked hard on her painting skills and the past years as a student audiology at the Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, Iran. In the summer  of 2022, she completed her B.Sc. studies. About in that same period, she searched for representation by someone outside Iran.
She describes herself as a strong woman, like many women around her who are an example and inspiration to her.

“In my paintings, I am almost myself . Life hasn’t been easy on me. I suffered many defeats but I was never disappointed for long. I got up again, and I started again. And I try to show this in my paintings.
Motivation, hope and happiness.”

So most of her paintings are inspired by this theme, being a girl and growing to a strong woman. Her aim is to show the different states of a woman through her paintings.


I am representing Niloofar outside Iran since 2021, so contact me for questions about her work.
All the shown paintings are also for sale and available as limited edition of 10 and as open edition print in any size you desire.