Plucked from our own garden for this raw and wild recipe:

Lilac flowers
Dandelion leaf
Yellow deadnettle leaf
Wild garlic leaf and flower stalk
Ostrich fern leaf
Yellow nailwort leaf
Cow parsley leaf
Swedish whitebeam leaf
Red currant leaf
Lemon balm leaf

And further:

Pumpkin seeds

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A Raw And Wild recipe, for inspiration

Plucked from our own garden
Salad with lilac flowers

More on eating raw and wild

Read more about our Food Forest Garden on the pages What We Eat, What We Grow and Where We Grow It.

On the first page, I'll give you an overview of what we eat. After all, that determines what we want to grow, the fruits, nuts and vegetables in the garden.

Then I'll tell you what's in the garden, and finally where it is and the overall layout.

This will give you some insight into the start of the establishment of our food forest garden, the perennials and trees.

Are you not fully sure about the name of a plant? Use a plant identification app and find the plant on this website for info on edibility (and medicinal and other uses):
Temperate Plants Database, by Ken Fern