Understanding what it is, knowing your own and starting to reduce your ecological footprint.

Climate change... Or the term I personally prefer because it expresses the seriousness of what is going wrong with our living environment: Earth Crisis. Why do almost everyone avoids the one topic that could really do something about the rapidly deteriorating health of the earth: getting a grip on completely out-of-control human consumption.

Why is this not THE BIG issue that everyone talks about every day, that the newspapers are full of, and that entire government plans are written around?

Because it would sharply decrease corporate profits? Or because it requires honest politicians telling you it MUST be less, or even order you to buy less, and that's bad for their careers? Perhaps because you and I know that would require us to confront ourselves with our own overconsumption and we would have to work hard to consume less, much less?

All three?

Starting today, I will write a weekly piece on Mondays about reducing your ecological footprint, with info, tips and trivia.

By doing so, I hope to inspire and motivate you to reduce your own ecological footprint.

Today the first one: an introduction, the why and the importance, and what you can start with if you want to reduce your ecological footprint.

Click on the link or the image below. I warmly invite you to comment on it, here in this post, and ask your questions here too. Or inspire others by telling about your efforts. If you prefer to do so with a personal message: please do, and you can do so by clicking here.

Take a dive into human consuming habits and change your own !

Your ecological footprint, no system change without a reduced ecological footprint
Ecological Footprint and System Change

Calculate your own footprint

Do you want to start this journey by calculating your ecological footprint? Visit this website and choose for completing the questions in detail.

Anyone who calls for climate action, systems change or degrowth, but does not first stop overconsuming, makes the call sound unbelievable and laughable.