UK  /skɔːtʃt/ US  /skɔːrtʃt/

slightly burned, or damaged by fire or heat

While the ice caps are melting and the oceans and seas are warming and being robbed and poisoned, man on land is not sitting still either. Or perhaps better to say, that's where the misery begins, because that's where man has settled and does most of his 'ingenuity'.

The Western world should really be called the 'land of never enough'.
There where consumption was invented, at the same time as growth for growth's sake and the 'creation of shareholder value', or profits that are never high enough.
Our addiction to money is so strong, that we are prepared to exhaust the earth for it, to destroy plants and animals and to make the world of the children and grandchildren of humanity hot, in many places even unbearably hot. 

Many people even think (still!) that the consequences of global warming will not be too bad. After all, we are smart, a technical solution will be found that will allow us to continue living the way we are used to...

Meanwhile, larger and larger parts of the earth are being scorched. Scorching by the ever-increasing temperatures. By spraying poison to make the yield of intensive agriculture as high as possible. By the emission of poison into the air, land and water as a by-product of our endless consumption. By the fires that rage around the world day in and day out as a result of increasing drought. By fires started by man to turn even more nature into monoculture with endless fields of genetically engineered crops on exhausted, diseased soil.

Scorched Earth - surrealistic digital art based on fine art photography by Jacob Berghoef. - A cry for climate action
Scorched Earth

You all know by now that a text like this accompanying a work of art is not quite my style. But sometimes you just have to stand outside, look up at the sky and scream really loud...

A cry for climate action...

'Scorched Earth' is a new digital artwork in my collections 'Secret Places' and 'Digital Art’↗️.

Prints are available, ask for a quote or contact me through a message. Prints are also available in my Saatchi Art portfolio at the artwork page↗️.

Through my artworks I ask you to reflect for a moment on the nature around you, on the beautiful feeling that nature can evoke, on what we lose when we continue on the destructive path of ever more…