I’m in love with light, I often say.

But when I photographed a sunset the day before yesterday and the sun was shining far too brightly into the lens of the camera, I suddenly wondered if that is true. So am I in love with light, or am I in love with how the light is filtered, veiled or scattered?

When you see pictures of the moon, the light of the sun is bright, monotonous and unmerciful.

Here on earth the light is always filtered by something. The atmosphere, clouds, a canopy, mist…
In fact, all these ‘filters’ make the sunlight much more visible, almost touchable…
I look around me quickly. What can I use to filter out that much too bright sun?

I get down on my knees, in a field of high grass…
Here is the first result of this experiment.

Shrouded (1) - Abstract expressionistic fine art nature photography by Jacob Berghoef
Shrouded (1)

'Shrouded (1)' is a photo in the collection 'Evening Falls', prints are available in my portfolio at Saatchi Art.