High waves of toxic

water drown the land

Dead eyes,

the earth cries

The sun colors the morning

in the hues of dead trees

on the banks of greed

How high may become

the price the future

will have to pay?

Earth Overshoot Day 2023

As of today, humanity lives by stealing from future generations.

And have no illusions: the middle- and highly prosperous countries have been living for weeks to months by stealing from poor countries.

We live on credit, and there is no way to pay it back: the earth is unable to regenerate what we consume the rest of the year.

And just so you realize: this has been true for decades. So the debt of you and me is huge, beyond all comprehension.


But we silence our conscience by pretending that we start with a fresh earth every year on January 1.

I will help you out of the dream, or rather, make you realize that we are in a nightmare: the earth has not been clean and fresh for many years, and on many "issues" the damage is beyond recovery. 

Disasters follow each other faster and faster. Is payback time knocking on our door?

Think about this, when you place your next order on the Internet for non-essential goods, when you throw away something that can actually be used for years to come, when you replace something because it is no longer fashionable, when you eat more than is good for you, when you use and eat things that burden and pollute the earth in an unaccountable way....

Tell me, who will pay your debt to the earth?

Earth Cries High waves of toxic water drown the land Dead eyes, the earth cries
Earth Cries

All You Need Is Less

Through my artworks I ask you to reflect for a moment on the nature around you, on the beautiful feeling that nature can evoke, on what we lose when we continue on the destructive path of ever more…

© Jacob Berghoef FineArtPhotography