March 31, 20244 Comments

Why reduce your ecological footprint

Why reduce your ecological footprint. Each of us can list some of the benefits of reducing your ecological footprint. Here's a list of what motivates me. And what motivates you?

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March 29, 20242 Comments

Organic Change

Suppose an oak tree longs to become a birch. Then that is possible only if a single, individual oak cell is able and willing to become a birch cell. Then, after that change is accepted and then copied by the surrounding cells, eventually the whole tree will change. That's what I call organic change.

Suppose a government of a country....

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March 20, 2024No Comments

Man’s Impact On The Earth

In my System Change post, I explained man's impact on earth and raised a number of questions. The most important: Do you know what your ecological footprint is?

No one answered that question in a comment. No, I'm not disappointed, because I actually didn't expect it either. And the question was also not asked very directly and not very prominently in the beginning of the (long) post. Still, ....

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