March 29, 20242 Comments

Organic Change

Suppose an oak tree longs to become a birch. Then that is possible only if a single, individual oak cell is able and willing to become a birch cell. Then, after that change is accepted and then copied by the surrounding cells, eventually the whole tree will change. That's what I call organic change.

Suppose a government of a country....

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March 27, 20242 Comments


Regeneration ?

Sustainable, Green Growth, Circular economy, Degrowth, System Change ... And now the latest: Regeneration.

Are these just buzzwords, container terms...

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March 18, 2024No Comments

System Change

System Change, we need Systemic Change !

This is what you read and hear more and more often. In comments, articles and discussions about the state of the Earth's health, about the alarmingly rapid change in our climate.
And that alongside, of course, the call for Degrowth....

What is meant by this system change?

Insofar as you can and may explain a very complex system in a few simple phrases: ...

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August 2, 2023No Comments

Earth Cries

Jacob Berghoef's "Earth Cries" combines art and poetry, expressing grief over Earth Overshoot Day 2023. The work highlights the toxic, irreversible damage we've caused, living off the earth's credit without a way to repay. It's a wake-up call to consider our incessant consumption and its grave, lasting impacts on the planet.

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