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Along The Horizon

It was one of those typical windy Danish late summer days. Fierce rain showers passed over all day, alternating with brief moments of sunshine. On the beach, you could see the showers coming from afar, especially when they were shone upon by the setting sun.

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The wind whispers
where land encounters the sea
All sounds fade away

'Encounter' is a photo to the collection 'Wavy Fields'

I made this photo in early spring in the nature reserve Nationalpark Thy in northwest Jutland, Denmark.
This part of the nature reserve is called Hanstholm Vildtreservat (Hanstholm wildlife reserve).
On the horizon you can see a light blue stripe: the North Sea.

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Encounter - Abstract realistic fine art landscape photography by Jacob Berghoef

'Encounter' is a photo in the collection 'Wavy Fields', prints are available in my Saatchi Art portfolio at the artwork page or contact me for a quote.

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