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A raw and wild recipe, for inspiration

This was our warm lunch today, a salad made of mainly vegetables from our own garden. A raw and wild recipe, as we like them best...

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May 16, 2024No Comments

Drying and preserving

One of the easiest ways to preserve the harvest from your garden is drying. This can be done for many types of vegetables and for quite a few fruits, as well as for herbs, teas and plants that you want to preserve for their medicinal properties.
And of course, a very important part of all preserving activities is harvesting and saving seeds for next year.

Let me tell you how and why...

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May 4, 20242 Comments

Raw And Wild

Did you know that heating your food (microwave, steam, boil, bake, wok, etc.) always comes at the expense of taste, health and nutritional value of your food?

The shorter you heat it, the better.
The shortest? Raw of course!

We eat our vegetables raw as much as possible and like to add “wild” to our meal.

Let me tell you how and why...

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