July 23, 20242 Comments

Summer Sunset (2)

Summers on the west coast of Denmark are not summers of long days with bright blue skies. The westerly winds bring clouds almost daily...

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July 14, 20242 Comments

Summer Sunset (1)

Sometimes a balmy summer evening by the sea can be so incredibly quiet that colors can be heard. Do you also hear the bronze gong and copper bell, or even the Tibetan singing bowl ?

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July 12, 2024No Comments


By mid-afternoon at the beginning of spring, the sun is already quite low in the sky. The bright light reflects in the calm water and in the pools of shallow water created during low tide. Light, sand and water dissolve into each other.

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July 10, 20242 Comments

Awakening Fields

Awakening Fields - Early morning. Relatively warm southern winds blow across the fields. Colors emerge, the land seems to awaken from its deep sleep.

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July 10, 2024No Comments

An Island

An Island - A small island of reed and grass in a wintery cold Baltic Sea, atb the south west coast of Sweden. The sun shines between the clouds and hits the island, lighting it up in a special way.

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June 23, 2024No Comments

Fleeing Winds

Fleeing winds
lash the beach,
trying to hide

Sometimes you feel a strong wind so gusting on your body that it seems like the wind itself is fleeing from something and trying to push you aside because you are in her way...

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June 19, 2024No Comments


When I see
the colors of the sunset
the sparkles on the water
waves finding rest on the shore...
I no longer wish. I am

A sunny day at the beach of the North Sea, just north of the town of Agger in Denmark.

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