July 23, 20242 Comments

Summer Sunset (2)

Summers on the west coast of Denmark are not summers of long days with bright blue skies. The westerly winds bring clouds almost daily...

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Shivering Trees In Morning Haze

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July 20, 20242 Comments

Ready To Bloom

Tiny wild flowers, two of them already fading, one waiting to explode in beautiful colors...

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July 19, 2024No Comments

Morning Haze

It is early in the morning. The cold haze of the night rises from the damp grassland. A light breeze brushes the grasses. Their soft rustle welcomes the sun. The quiet beginning of a new day in this beautiful nature reserve.

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July 16, 20242 Comments


‘Origin’ is an experimental photograph, made with a digital camera without using a lens.
It is the first result of a search for light in its purest form. And at the same time, the project is a representation of the beginning and end of life, followed by the last breath.

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July 14, 20242 Comments

Summer Sunset (1)

Sometimes a balmy summer evening by the sea can be so incredibly quiet that colors can be heard. Do you also hear the bronze gong and copper bell, or even the Tibetan singing bowl ?

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By mid-afternoon at the beginning of spring, the sun is already quite low in the sky. The bright light reflects in the calm water and in the pools of shallow water created during low tide. Light, sand and water dissolve into each other.

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July 11, 2024No Comments

Dancing Trees

A sunlit open space in the forest, full of young waving birch trees eager to drink the sunlight, surrounded by a beautifully decorated wall of pines and somewhat older birches that move in the wind like in a slow dance...

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July 10, 20242 Comments

Awakening Fields

Awakening Fields - Early morning. Relatively warm southern winds blow across the fields. Colors emerge, the land seems to awaken from its deep sleep.

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An Island

An Island - A small island of reed and grass in a wintery cold Baltic Sea, atb the south west coast of Sweden. The sun shines between the clouds and hits the island, lighting it up in a special way.

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July 5, 20244 Comments

Nebulae (15)

A bright white light? Eternal darkness?

It is my conviction that after our death our spirit, our soul, or call it our energy, travels to its origin somewhere in the universe. Once arrived, our energy is reunited with the energy from which everything around us once originated.

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July 5, 2024No Comments

Endless Road

Endless Road - A dark, gray and rainy day in June. It is beginning to get dark and the wind is finally abating. A curtain of rain obscures the view. But I know this road, I know we're almost home.

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Silent Darkness

Silent forest
A tree hums
Dark sound

Forests often have an enchanting atmosphere. The murmur of leaves enhances the silence, the dim light hides a lot of details... At the same time, scarce light can give objects a different, mysterious form. And a creaking branch will make you look around to discover...

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July 2, 20242 Comments

Longing For Light

It's early in the morning. A beautiful iris opens its flower and turns toward the sun. The petals bathe themselves in light, seeming to dance in slow motion.

Iris is a flowering plant genus of more than 300 species with showy flowers.

Iris is not only the scientific name, but is also widely used as a general name for all Iris species.

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June 30, 20242 Comments

Summer Evening

Weeks later, the allium has finished blooming. Her exuberant colors fade to an earthy brown, seed pods form where the purple has sacrificed itself so the seeds can ripen.

And then the seed pods open, the seeds slowly becoming visible...

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In the rhythm of our wings...

Soulmates... Fellow travellers on our journey of life, helping to grow beyond the horizons of our individual selves.

It is nice to have a soulmate, a privilege. But not a given, nor conditional for a happy life.

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June 17, 2024No Comments

Thinking Of Light

Thinking of nothing,
slowly I walk through silence
towards the light

Is that possible, thinking of nothing? The moment you are aware that you are thinking of nothing, you are thinking again....

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And Then The Sun Stood Still – Summer Solstice

And Then The Sun Stood Still - Summer.... - I love this time of the year, in which the whole cosmos seems to come to a standstill for a moment.

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