Workshop Fine Art Photography

Learn to make abstract and impressionist photos !

During the whole year, it is possible to have a private workshop in Middle or North Jutland, Denmark.

In principle a workshop takes half a day. In the morning or in the afternoon, we go out for a walk in nature to practice the basic principles of abstract and impressionist photography.

The workshop starts with half an hour of introduction into the technique. After the walk of about 2.5 hours we will end where we have started, to evaluate what you have learned and done and to answer your questions.

I make a distinction between a beginners workshop and an advanced workshop. The beginners workshop is for people who do have basic photography knowledge and some experience working with a system camera / SLR camera / DSLR camera. But they have no experience with art photography / abstract photography / photography with intentional camera movement.

The advanced workshop is meant for those who have had the basic workshop, or who have already experimented (extensively) with this art form but need more depth and/or practical support to perfect their skills.

The workshops will be given in English. 

Send me a message through the contact page and I will send you an email with more details

Indication of costs: DKK 1.200 / € 160 for 3 hours, excluding travel expenses.


Forget everything you’ve ever learned about photography... ...and move freely!


Required photo equipment: an SLR camera or a DSLR camera, wide- angle lens and (light) telephoto lens or a wide-angle to telephoto zoom lens. The most important feature of your camera is that the shutter speed and aperture must be manually adjustable. If you have doubts about your equipment, send me a message through the contact page with your brand and type of camera.

Required knowledge: basic knowledge about setting up your camera.

Other requirements: being able to walk for 2.5 hours through rough terrain and/or over the beach, protective clothing and protective bag for your equipment against wind and a drop of rain. In case of heavy rain, the workshop will not take place or will be canceled or shortened.

Hand out: After the workshop, the participants will receive a handout by e-mail, in which the most important learning points are explained again. Nice to have if you want to look something up later !


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