Your ecological footprint, no system change without a reduced ecological footprint

Reducing Your Ecological Footprint

Note: This page and its subpages are not a scientific treatise, all text represents personal opinion and experience.

Why this page...

Do you know how big your ecological footprint is? Do you know what it is?
If not, keep on reading. If you do, keep on reading too, there might be some ideas and tips here that you would love to experiemtn with !

The political and public debate and all the information we get about the health of the earth, carefully avoid the one topic that could really do something about the rapidly deteriorating health of the earth: getting a grip on completely out-of-control human consumption.

Why is this not THE issue?

Because it would be bad for corporate profits? Because it requires honest politicians telling you it MUST be less, and that's bad for political careers? Because you and I know that would require us to confront ourselves with our own overconsumption and we would have to work hard to consume less, much less?

All three?

Yes, in my humble opinion.

What I sincerely hope is that this write-up will contribute something to your awareness of what the consequences of your lifestyle are, and that the tips and examples will help you make some change there for the good of the earth, nature, other humans, yourself...

On the pages below I give you info, tips and tricks to reduce your ecological footprint, after explaining what it is and why it matters.
It is a list that often starts from what is maximally possible. What path you take to get there, what your end goal is, where you pause along the way and how much time you take to change your lifestyle, is up to you to decide.

I recommend that before you begin you calculate your ecological footprint. There are many websites that offer a calculator for that, try to choose one that allows detailed entry and preferably one in your own language. This will prevent misunderstandings and misinterpretations.
If you can’t find one, this one is one of the best, in my opinion. Especially if you choose to fill it in in detail.

I will add a subject every week on Monday and post about it on Tuesday on LinkedIn.
If it is your first visit here, please try to read all the pages, it will make much more sense then...

And if you want to ask questions, would like me to tell more about a certain subject, or need some advice, simply contact me.

1. Introduction - a dive into changing our society


Anyone who calls for climate action, regenerative society, systems change or degrowth, but does not first stop overconsuming, makes the call sound unbelievable and laughable.

Artwork: System Change (3)
System Change. That we need to move from an economy/society based on growth and profit, to one that puts well-being of nature -and humans as part of nature- first. But no change without a reduced ecological footprint

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